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Atlanta local contractors are ready to renovate, repair or install HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Siding Windows, Roofing or any other home improvement you may need.

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After several years working as a marketing manager for some of the largest Atlanta area home improvement contractors it was a natural fit to provides leads to local area contractors who do not have a large telemarketing or door to door canvassing departments. We provide the information you supply to up to three local area contractors to bid on your job.

Atlanta local contractors are ready to renovate, repair or install HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Siding Windows, Roofing or any other home improvement you may need. You can have your project estimated in a few hours in most cases!

  • Make sure you are home to meet with the contractor so you can get an accurate estimate as this allows to you to get a personal feel as to whether you want this person to be your home improvement contractor.
  • Be sure and ask to see the Atlanta Local Contractors insurance binder or professional license at that time also!
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Remodel your entire home or room by room with an Atlanta Local Contractor.

Carpet, Tile, Hardwood or Laminate we have a trusted flooring contractor ready for your job!

Need to update those cabinets? Add a Deck or Stairs? our top Atlanta local contractors can help nail that problem!  Get 3 Free Estimates on Carpentry and Woodworking

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Atlanta Roofing Contractors are ready for your home

Do you have curling or cracked shingles?  May be a leak in the ceiling?  Have you noticed a lot of asphalt granules in the bottom of your gutters?  Any one of these telltale signs spells out it’s time to replace  the shingles on your home’s roof.   So where do you start? With a reputable contractor from Atlanta Local Contractors.  Fill out the form to schedule estimates with three or more Atlanta Roofers  to get the best possible price and quality of work.

Atlanta HVAC- Heating and Air Conditioning

Developing an energy efficient, yet ample, heating  and cooling system for your property can be complex on your own, but getting advice from an Atlanta Local Contractor will help you with those tough decisions! Retaining a professional is a smart way to make sure you get it right. Get 3 Free Estimates For Replacing Your Central Air Conditioning

Why Should You Get Help With Your Home Heating and Cooling Plans?

It gets chilly in the winter and hot in the summer for the Atlanta area. This means you need to install a heating / cooling system that is tailored to your specific property to make sure your home gets equalized heat and air conditioning throughout.  At the same time, your want a system that is efficient in all seasons to get savings due to rising energy prices. This juggling act can get pretty complex, especially for a novice.

Retaining a  professional will cost you money, but you will save far more over the life of your home.

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Atlanta Electrician

Atlanta Local Electrician Can Make Your Home Safer

When considering a remodeling project, new construction or electrical upgrades and additions, one of the most important aspects is the quality of the work and materials.  While many homeowners often do some of the more basic electrical work themselves, it is really wise to contract the services of a licensed electrical contractor.  Anything electrical can represent a severe hazard that can result in fire or injury if not properly installed be it electrical wiring, circuit boxes, and fixtures.

Most local building authorities require residential electrical wiring meet their local code specifications.  Especially in new construction where an inspection must be performed upon completion of work.  This is before the drywall is installed and a “certificate of inspection”  will be provided by the local inspector or licensed electrician.

Your electrical wiring and fixtures are such a crucial part of new construction or your remodeling project.  Improper installation or electrical wiring or substandard materials can wreak havoc on your property with fire or injury. We encourage you use our form to get 3 free estimates on your electrical needs by selecting a qualified electrical contractor for your project.

Finding the Right Contractor in Atlanta Georgia and Surrounding Area

When hiring your electrical contractor from Atlanta Local Contractor website, it’s a good idea to make sure they meet these guidelines:

  • Provide a written quote  itemizing the price of the materials and labor they will be performing.
  • Provide references of their past completed projects,
  • Provide proof of current liability insurance – usually this is a single page from insurer.
  • Proof they are licensed for work where work is to be done.
  • Assurance they  will obtain the necessary permits and application for inspection
  • Assurance they will provide you with the signed certificate of inspection upon work completion

After selecting your contractor and when drafting the contract, be sure it includes detailed information on all project specifics.  Including important items as the start and finish dates, specifications of fixtures and materials, and lastly a detailed payment plan given it’s normal for an electrical  contractor to ask for 10 to 33% of the project invoice in advance.

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